We champion healthy habits
and transform the
environments where children
live, learn, and play.


At HealthMPowers, we believe health should never be a
barrier to a child realizing their full potential.

Every child deserves access to high-quality nutrition and spaces for physical activity. What we eat and how we move are foundational elements of our lives.

Good nutrition and physical activity funnels into all parts of a child’s life, from emotional well-being, to academic performance, to interpersonal relationships.

To pave the way for the next generation, we all must commit to reducing the barriers to good health that children and youth face.

All children deserve the opportunity to make positive choices for their health and well-being.

And yet, due to inequities that contribute to poor nutrition, limited opportunities for physical activity, and lack of resources:


Since 2000, HealthMPowers has been working to shift this paradigm by changing how we think about children’s nutrition and physical activity. In the last five years alone, we have reached more than 500,000 children in over 1,300 schools, child care sites, and out-of-school time sites.

Within those communities, we’ve worked alongside children and youth, educators, parents, and community leaders to implement programs and trainings that enable long-term change. From early care and education sites to K-12 schools to afterschool sites, we champion children and youth to adopt healthy eating and physical activity habits.

We have transformed school environments into oases of nutrition and physical activity, improved the availability of healthy foods, and inspired children to become community health leaders.

Here are some examples of how we’ve produced sustainable, proven change in our communities.

Still, our work is far from finished. That’s where you come in.

Imagine a world where…

Every child has access to nutritious foods.

There are safe spaces for physical activity.

All children can develop healthy habits that reduce the risk of chronic illness.

That future is within our grasp, but we can’t do it alone.

And it all starts with empowering our youth to take charge of their health and nutrition.


“The work that HealthMPowers does every day is so inspiring because it recognizes that preventive health begins with children and youth – the cornerstone for building healthy communities.”

– Rohan Rajpurohit, High School Student and President, HealthMPowers Youth Advisory Board

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