The numbers speak for themselves.

In Georgia and beyond

The turnaround starts by showing kids what good health looks, tastes and feels like every day. That’s why, with educators, parents, community leaders, and mission partners, we’re working to—

Transform the environments where children spend their time

From toddler snack time to the community gym, our work touches all the places where children live, learn and play, so kids get more chances to practice and grow healthy habits at every age, every day.

Adapt the best health practices to the education space

For nearly 20 years we’ve worked with educators to adapt the best evidence-based practices to varied care and classroom settings. Our creative programs support daily instructional time goals, for health education that works – for educators.

Empower youth to choose healthy habits for themselves

Inviting kids to try new foods, model healthy activities and bring their voices and choices to the mix is a powerful recipe for change. Through hands-on learning in nutrition classes, taste tests, gardening and other events by and for teens, we’re helping youth transform their communities and themselves.

Engage in community outreach that helps families grow healthier together

In measures great and small, we encourage kids, their families and communities to opt in to good health. From text-message parenting tips to free cooking classes and tours at local grocery stores and farmers markets, we offer bite-sized education that makes healthy eating and living easier.

Support the change-makers who want to see kids thrive

We’re proud to work with those partners who understand the wider mission – to help children be ready for school, ready to learn, but also ready to be active citizens of the world – safe, engaged, connected, challenged, healthy – and on the path to full lives.

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