Who We Are

HealthMPowers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes healthy habits to build a better future for all children. By bringing nutrition education and physical activity into everyday life and learning – in schools, childcare centers and out of school time sites – we create a culture that supports healthy life choices for children, families and communities.

In every school, center or community where we work, we strive to transform awareness, behaviors and environments through our highly interactive, supportive and incremental approach to change.

Our core program model spans a multiyear partner-relationship that’s built on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s evidence-based guidelines for assessing and expanding health and wellness. Over the past 20 years, it’s proven highly effective helping create a future where all children are nourished and active:

  • improved health knowledge
  • improved behaviors
  • increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • higher physical activity levels
  • improved school or community environment and climate

For 20 years, HealthMPowers has been helping kids – and the communities who care for them – make the changes that lead to better health, for life.
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