HealthMPowers FAQs

  • HealthMPowers is a unique, coordinated initiative designed to increase health knowledge and promote health-enhancing behaviors among youth by providing state-of-the-art programming in the school setting.

    Our programs are designed to provide students with the health information, skills, resources and motivation necessary to take responsibility for their own health. Health education lessons are presented in a memorable and interactive way helping each student build a foundation for making responsible health decisions throughout the course of his or her life.

    By working in collaboration with teachers and families, we help build the supportive environment necessary for the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors. Health promotion programs and services are provided to students, teachers and families.

  • HealthMPowers helps schools EXCEED!

    • Evaluates the school’s current health programs and policies.
    • Examines and selects the appropriate HealthMPowers’ resources for the school, which includes resources for students, staff and families.
    • Creates a School Health Council.
    • Establishes a plan of action to improve health programming.
    • Executes agreed upon program and tracks progress.
    • Documents results and provides feedback regarding additional options for continuous improvement.
  • HealthMPowers will be a partner with your school and provide trainings and resources. We will come to your school and provide entertaining educational experiences, such as the Body Walk- a traveling 50’ x 50’ exhibit that allows students to tour the body and learn first-hand how to make healthy choices, as well as school wide student assemblies that promote healthy eating and regular physical activity. Instructional materials are showcased through integrated lessons taught by HealthMPowers’ staff.

  • All programming aligns with the required Local School Wellness Policies developed by each local school district to comply with the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act, 2004. 

    The program also supports the requirement of Section 204 of Public Law 108-265, of the Child Nutrition and WIC Re-authorization Act of 2004 which requires local education agencies who participate in the National School Lunch Act or the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 to develop a wellness policy that addresses the growing problem of childhood obesity making the implementation of the policy easy on schools.  HealthMPowers also trained the trainers for the new health related fitness assessment that started 2012, Georgia code § 20-2-777.

    For a list of services, please see: HealthMPowers Services Document (PDF 47K)

  • HealthMPowers provides extensive services for students, teachers, school staff and families. It is through this comprehensive and coordinated approach that the adoption and maintenance of health-enhancing behaviors will be achieved. Our services include engaging health education lessons, a wellness model that allows participants to gain knowledge of their overall health and fitness, classroom exercise DVDs, family seminars, newsletters, and more.  All student materials are tied to the Georgia’s Educational Standards and the Common Core Standards.

  • HealthMPowers realizes that a supportive environment is necessary to instill positive health behaviors. To help students adopt and maintain health-enhancing behaviors, HealthMPowers assists teachers, school staff and families extend the learning beyond the mobile classroom visits by providing:

    • In-Class and School-Wide Activities that teachers and staff can use to enhance teaching about health issues.
    • School Health Council Development and Training to help teachers and school staff assess current school health policies and programs and develop plans for continuous improvement.
    • Staff Development sessions that create personal health assessments which lead to the development of a self-improvement plan. Encouraging worksite wellness programs allows teachers and staff to maximize their own health and become role models for health-enhancing behaviors for their students.
    • Technical Assistance regarding programs, curricula, and other teaching tools that address each school’s specific health promotion needs.
    • Family Newsletters with factual and age-appropriate information regarding health issues, along with activities that families can use with their children to reinforce the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors.
    • Conducting Family Seminars that provide a forum to discuss

    1) Protective factors and health promoting activities that families can practice at home

    2) The link between health and academic achievement.

  • HealthMPowers began services for middle schools in November 2002 and for elementary schools in May 2003. During the 2002 – 2003 school year, the HealthMPowers program served approximately 9,000 elementary and middle school students in both public and independent schools in Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Clayton and Bibb Counties, as well as Carrollton City.

  • This is dependent on the available grant opportunities. Schools can also secure programming at a cost of $30.00 per student. Click here to register your school for our program.

  • As a designated 501(c)(3) organization, HealthMPowers receives its funding through a variety of sources, including service fees from schools, grants, annual sponsorship, and donations from individuals and corporations. HealthMPowers is always looking for new partners to join this exciting venture.