Washington County

Washington County (Sandersville) is a small town, steeped with fine tradition and heritage.  Residents believe it is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  In an effort to always do what is best for their children and families, HealthMPowers is partnering with Family Connection & Communities In Schools, who has identified childhood obesity as a goal in their community action plan. Their strategic plan includes ensuring good health outcomes for all children by providing opportunities for physical activities and promotion of healthy life styles. HealthMPowers’ work supports their purpose by (1) improving access to fruits and vegetables, (2) providing nutrition education and (3) implementing the Be a Health Hero- EAT, DRINK, MOVE social marketing campaign.


HealthMPowers/ Baldwin County Partnerships

Community Partners

Food Outlets

  • Dollar General (612 S. Harris St. Sandersville, GA 31082)
  • Dollar General (605 E. McCarty St. Sandersville, GA 31082)
  • S&T Food Mart (1356 S. Harris St. Sandersville, GA 31082)

Learning Made Fun and Delicious

Reading Food Labels

How do you make sense of all the words and numbers on a food label?  Come learn fun, easy tips that will help you translate the label so that you can make healthy food choices for you and your family.  These free sessions are only 30 minutes but packed with fun, conversation and chances to taste healthy food options.

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Go, Slow, Whoa Healthy Snacks

Most foods can be placed into one of three groups- Go, Slow or Whoa.   The same can be done with snack items.  Come learn how to bag a better snack (Go Snacks) that you and your family can eat almost any time!  These free sessions are only 30 minutes but packed with fun, conversation and chances to taste healthy snack options.

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Rethink Your Drink

Sugar is included in so much of what we drink!  Even when we think we are making a good selection, we can be fooled.  Come learn how to “rethink your drink” so you can help yourself and your family make healthier, smarter sips!  These free sessions are only 30 minutes but packed with fun, conversation and chances to try good tasting drink options.

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Taste Testing

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  • 56% felt very confident and 40% felt somewhat confident in choosing healthy food for their family.
  • 40% very confident and 56% felt somewhat confident choosing healthy foods for their family on a budget.
  • 72% felt very confident and 24% felt somewhat confident using the “Nutrition Facts” on food/drink labels to make healthy choices.
  • 72% planned to purchase more fruits and 68% of respondents planned to purchase more vegetables.

On the Ground Success Stories - Regina Jackson



    The Washington County Senior Center has enjoyed nutrition classes such as Reading Food Labels and Go Slow Whoa Healthy Snacks. The Senior Center members have stated that the Community Engagement Specialist’s presentations have been both informative and enlightening. Lynne Beal, Activity Coordinator stated “HealthMPowers has been an awesome asset to the entire Senior Center and it supports their mission to promote better health. It also ensures that our members are receiving feedback and suggestions as it pertains to their health and well-being.”

  • Regina and Mr. Roy Jackson, Family Connection & CIS in Washington County

  • S&T Food Mart continues to make great changes to promote healthier habits. They have made changes in their layout to position more fruit at the entrance of the store to encourage customers to purchase more fruit.



This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — SNAP.   This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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For more information about SNAP or help buying nutritious foods for a better diet can go to www.compass.ga.gov.