Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This is a living document. We acknowledge there is always more work to do to embody and activate our commitment to DEI values. There is no easy fix to complex issues surrounding injustice, unequal access and dismantling unbalanced power structures. But, we have to keep taking steps every day to be involved in the work and the process, and be ok with being uncomfortable.

At HealthMPowers, we have acknowledged the importance of centering DEI in everything that we do. Not just as a strategy, but at the very core of our operations and programming. We will continue to evaluate and make any necessary adjustments in service to this commitment. Everyone at HealthMPowers is expected to be accountable to this statement and to our adopted DEI Charter. We understand that this work is mission, data and morally imperative.

Defining DEI

  • Diversity – Welcoming and celebrating all of the unique characteristics that make us who we are: race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic class, ideology, physical ability, and any other differences between us.
  • Equity – Focusing on the need of our communities in order to provide the most equal possible outcomes. Equity is not equality. Equality provides the same resources/opportunities to all regardless of need.
  • Inclusion – Ensuring that our team, program participants and other stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and are always supported in showing up as their authentic selves.


HealthMPowers DEI Charter

In 2021, HealthMPowers adopted an organizational-wide charter to develop a systemic and shared understanding around why diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) values, approaches and skills strengthen our collective ability to deliver on the mission.

Intent Statement:
DEI Team will guide HealthMPowers to develop a systemic and shared understanding around why DEI (values, approaches, skills) strengthen our collective ability to deliver on our mission.

Intended Outcomes:


  1. Staff and Board can articulate why equity is mission-imperative for HealthMPowers to be successful.
  2. Staff is involved in quarterly evidence-based DEI professional development/courses that support our work.
  3. Board had increased literacy and competence around key DEI issues as it pertains to both mission and governance.
  4. HealthMPowers will strive to disaggregate program data by race, gender and age whenever possible, in support of strengthening the delivery of our mission.
  5. Staff and Board embody a culture of empathy and respect.
    • HealthMPowers has a culture of repair and restore when microaggressions occur.
    • HealthMPowers staff is aware of how stereotypes and bias are harmful to each other and the communities we serve.
    • HealthMPowers resources, trainings and external messages are inclusive to people of all abilities.


  1. Trainings, resources, and services are aligned with what our communities need and request.
  2. We have more processes in place to collaboratively engage with communities to identify specific challenges to build stronger partnerships.


Read the final assessment of the charter here.