Elementary Schools – Power Up for 30

Power Up for 30 is a statewide initiative supported by the Georgia Departments of Public Health and Education to integrate an additional 30 minutes or more of physical activity before, during, and/or after school. HealthMPowers is the training partner for this initiative, and provided 32 trainings to 670 participants from 261 schools last year, which marked the conclusion of the three-year Power Up for 30’s Elementary school initiative. Continued sustainability of the program will include training out-of-school time providers, piloting and expanding middle school efforts, pre-service training with University of West Georgia students, and virtual booster FitnessGram/Power Up for 30 training sessions. Compared with schools who did not receive the initiative, Power Up for 30 schools made statistically significant improvements in providing students with more Physical Activity (PA) time (including before school, after-school, recess, and physical activity in the classroom), resulting in improved cardiovascular health outcomes.

2016-2017 Reach

Students: 46,762

Teachers: 1,898

Schools: 881

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