Elementary Schools – SNAP-Ed

FY19 Elementary Y5 Schools    
Pleasant Grove ES 5 Henry
Midway Hills Primary 5 Baldwin
Lakeview Primary 5 Baldwin
Lakeview Academy 5 Baldwin
Midway Hills Academy 5 Baldwin
Alexander II ES 5 Bibb
Bernd ES 5 Bibb
Brookdale ES 5 Bibb
Bruce ES 5 Bibb
Burdell-Hunt ES 5 Bibb
Carter ES 5 Bibb
Hartley ES 5 Bibb
Heard ES 5 Bibb
Heritage ES 5 Bibb
Ingram-Pye ES 5 Bibb
Martin Luther King  5 Bibb
Lane ES 5 Bibb
Porter ES 5 Bibb
Southfield ES 5 Bibb
Riley ES 5 Bibb
Skyview ES 5 Bibb
Taylor ES 5 Bibb
Union ES 5 Bibb
Vineville ES 5 Bibb
Veterans 5 Bibb
Williams ES 5 Bibb
A. Brian Merry ES 5 Richmond
Hains  5 Richmond
Lamar Milledge 5 Richmond
Rollins ES 5 Richmond
Sue Reynolds 5 Richmond
Tobacco Rd 5 Richmond
Garrett ES 5 Richmond
FY19 elementary Y5 School Totals    
FY19 Elementary Y4 Schools    
Brown ES 4 Clayton
Haynie ES 4 Clayton
James Jackson ES 4 Clayton
Kemp ES 4 Clayton
Kemp Primary 4 Clayton
Morrow ES 4 Clayton
Mt. Zion ES 4 Clayton
Mt. Zion Primary 4 Clayton
Northcutt ES 4 Clayton
Oliver ES 4 Clayton
River’s Edge ES 4 Clayton
West Clayton ES 4 Clayton
Princeton ES 4 Dekalb
Stoneview ES 4 Dekalb
Peachcrest ES 4 Dekalb
Barton Chapel 4 Richmond
FY19 Elementary Y4 Totals    
FY19 Elementary Y3 Schools    
Anderson ES 3 Clayton
Arnold ES 3 Clayton
Callaway ES 3 Clayton
Church Street ES 3 Clayton
East Clayton ES 3 Clayton
Eddie White Academy (K-8) 3 Clayton
Edmonds ES 3 Clayton
Fountain ES 3 Clayton
Harper ES 3 Clayton
Hawthorne ES 3 Clayton
Huie ES 3 Clayton
Kilpatrick ES 3 Clayton
Lake City ES 3 Clayton
Lake Ridge ES 3 Clayton
Lee Street ES 3 Clayton
MLK ES 3 Clayton
Pointe South ES 3 Clayton
Riverdale ES 3 Clayton
Roberta T. Smith ES 3 Clayton
Suder ES 3 Clayton
Swint ES 3 Clayton
Tara ES 3 Clayton
Thurgood Marshall ES 3 Clayton
William McGarrah ES 3 Clayton
John Johnson ES 3 Decatur County
Jones Wheat ES 3 Decatur County
Potter Street ES 3 Decatur County
Elcan King ES 3 Decatur County
West Bainbridge ES 3 Decatur County
FY19 Elementary YR 3 Totals    
FY19 Elementary Y2 Schools    
Springdale ES 2 Bibb
Blakeney ES 2 Burke
Waynesboro Primary 2 Burke
Oglethorpe Academy 2 Clarke
Huntley Hills ES 2 Dekalb
Rockbridge ES 2 Dekalb
Glascock County Consolidated School  (K-12) 2 Glascock
Windsor Springs Road ES 2 Richmond
Intermediate Literacy and Math Center at Jenkin’s White School (3rd – 5th) 2 Richmond
FY19 Elementary Y2 Totals    
FY19 Elementary Y1 Schools    
Beecher Hills ES 1 APS
Gaines ES 1 Clarke
Fairington ES 1 Dekalb
Marbut ES 1 Dekalb
Pine Ridge ES 1 Dekalb
West Harralson ES (3-5) 1 Haralson
Carrollton ES (K-3) 1 Carrollton City 
Fowler Drive ES  1 Clarke
FY19 Elementary YR 1 Totals    
FY 19 Sustaining Schools    
Pooler  ES Sustaining Chatham
Hodge Sustaining Chatham
Shuman Sustaining Chatham
Port Wentworth (PK-2) Sustaining Chatham
Otis Brock ES Sustaining Chatham
Rice Creek (3-5) Sustaining Chatham
Southwest ES Sustaining Chatham
Windsor Forest ES Sustaining Chatham
Sherwood Acres ES Sustaining Dougherty
Campbell ES Sustaining Fulton
Sugar Hill ES Sustaining Hall
Wilkes Primary (K-3) Sustaining Wilkes
Wilkes ES Sustaining Wilkes
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