Elementary Schools – SNAP-Ed Services

Elementary schools receive multiple services aimed at increasing healthy eating and physical activity. HealthMPowers services include school wide events, grade level and classroom based activities, independent activities, and family activities.  All services are developmentally appropriate and support HealthMPowers program objectives and outcomes.  Please see below for a list and description of the services provided to HealthMPowers elementary schools.


Pre & Post Model Lessons:

During this engaging lesson, a HealthMPowers educator will have students answer a series of nutrition and physical activity behavior questions followed by an interactive health lesson. This lesson is both, fun and beneficial for students. Subsequently, as we approach the end of the school year, HealthMPowers will revisit the same classes to conduct an end of year model lesson. This will allow us to identify any physical activity or nutrition behavior changes among students.


Grade Level Trainings:

A HealthMPowers educator will meet with your grade level teachers to explain what to expect throughout the year, including who we are and what resources they can expect to use in their classroom. These sessions are typically completed within 20-30 minutes. We try to be respectful of planning periods, therefore, we work quickly to cover the information.


Nutrition Nook:

The Nutrition Nook utilizes your school’s cafeteria to provide an educational experience by using multi-media displays to reinforce key healthy eating and physical activity messages. Due to the interactive video clips, jokes, etc. the Nutrition Nook is sure to spark more conversation regarding healthy behaviors.  


Body Walk:

This Body Walk is a 50×50 exhibit that is housed in the gym. Over the course of our time in your school, each class will tour the entire exhibit for one hour. During their time in the exhibit, the students will get to walk through different parts of the body and learn why we need to keep our body healthy. We hope this will be a fun and interactive way for students to learn why eating healthy and exercising is important.



The assembly targets healthy eating, regular physical activity, and making healthy choices. This interactive, engaging, and grade specific assembly is sure to be a hit with your students! We usually see students in the gym through their P.E. /specials time.

This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — SNAP. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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