39 sites, 4,222 participants

We’re on a mission to make healthy eating – and living – easier for residents of food insecure communities.

HealthMPowers works to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables – and promote nutrition education and healthy behaviors – through our partnerships with local community groups, store retailers, farmers markets and food pantries.

Through this larger wrap-around effect, we bring important health supports to the families and communities who care for the kids in Health Empowered schools, early care centers and after-care sites.

Results from our community and store surveys reveal:

Transforming Environments

  • 30,100 shoppers were provided with more healthy beverage options
  • 17,700 shoppers experienced improved layout/display of healthy foods
  • 19 sites made changes in food purchasing to include healthier foods

Empowering Healthy Habits

  • 93% of participants stated they planned to purchase the taste testing fruit or vegetable again
  • 79% of participants who attended a nutrition education session reported buying fresh fruits/vegetables at least one time per week