Early Care

2018 - 2019
87 Sites, 6,387 children, 868 teachers

The first five years of life are critical to a child’s growth and development – and chances at a healthy future.

HealthMPowers offers a comprehensive, multi-year approach to enriching the lives of children in early care and home learning centers, ensuring young learners get more of what they need to thrive today and tomorrow.

Results from our annual survey of Health Empowered centers reveal:

Transforming Environments

  • 3,357 children were provided more unstructured, quality physical activity time
  • 2,356 children helped create and maintain edible gardens
  • 1,055 children experienced regular nutrition-related education and tastings

Empowering Healthy Habits

  • 93% of children increased physical activity or met national guidelines
  • 77% of children increased the number of fruits eaten daily or met national recommendations
  • 41% of families reported their child watched less than one hour of screen time per day

In addition to our multi-year, SNAP-Ed funded model, we brought Growing Fit and Eat. Move. Talk! programming to early care centers across the state reaching 310 centers.