Elementary Schools

107 Sites, 68,729 children, 4,265 teachers

Good health starts early in life. And elementary school is a formative time when all kids should have the chance to be active and try healthy foods – not only to fuel their development and focus, but their confidence and interest in choosing healthy habits throughout their lives.

HealthMPowers offers a comprehensive, multi-year approach to building a culture of health that brings fresh nutrition and physical activity experiences – and empowering messages – to elementary school students and their families.

Results from our annual survey of Health Empowered elementary schools reveal:

Transforming Environments

  • 14,449 students had more physical activity opportunities provided during the school day
  • 13,298 students had greater access to drinking water at school
  • 1,822 students were given improved healthy menus at school

Empowering Healthy Habits

  • 45% of students were in the healthy fitness zone for aerobic capacity
  • 56% of students consumed 2+ fruits per day, compared with 40% of students nationally
  • 26% met vegetable consumption recommendations of 3+ per day, compared with 7% nationally

HealthMPowers trained more than 880 elementary schools to activate Power Up for 30 in 2014. Today, HealthMPowers is developing new trainings for elementary school health teams, school counselors and booster trainings for schools seeking to recharge their commitment.

Power Up for 30