Secondary Schools

49 Sites, 38,846 youth, 2,370 teachers

Ramping up nutrition and physical activity are especially important for middle and high school students – improving their attention and focus and reducing the risk of depression, anxiety and chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

HealthMPowers offers a comprehensive, multi-year approach that engages youth to build healthier behaviors and environments.

Results from our annual survey of Health Empowered secondary schools reveal:

Transforming Environments

  • 4,442 students had more physical activity opportunities provided during the school day
  • 5,071 students benefited from improvements made to the layout and display of food/drink items to encourage healthy choices in cafeterias
  • 2,678 students had more physical activity opportunities before/after school
  • 46 school wellness teams formed to implement a total of 62 improvements to school nutrition and/or physical activity policies or processes
  • Approximately 860 Student Health Advocates trained to promote improvements in healthy eating and physical activity in their schools
  • For the third year in a row, students showed an increase in number of steps during the school day

Empowering Healthy Habits

  • 65% had classroom physical activity at least five days per week
  • 45% of students improved or maintained at the nationally recommended level for consumption of more than one kind of fruit per day
  • 61% of students improved/maintained playing on sports teams

In three years, 37 schools made physical activity a priority and implemented Power Up for 30 at their middle school with the help of HealthMPowers.

Power Up for 30