Big Peach Running Co. to Support Girls Empowering Movement

(NORCROSS, GA)— On the eve of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, HealthMPowers announced a new community partnership with Big Peach Running Co. The collaborative local partnership will support the Girls Empowering Movement (GEM) program which serves 2,300 girls per year at over 100 sites across Georgia.

As a statewide initiative, GEM aims to improve the physical activity and fitness levels of Georgia’s middle school girls. The unique program model empowers girls to take the lead in creating physical activity programming that is designed by girls, for girls. Working together, girls create sustainable habits for better long-term physical and mental health.

“GEM encourages girls to be more physically active in a fun and positive way,” said Pratima Yellayi, GEM Leader. “We’ll help each other to get stronger and be leaders in the community.”

During the course of the 5 year program timeline, GEM will reach a total of approximately 18,000 girls across the state. As GEM Ambassadors, girls gain skills in leadership, fitness, advocacy, social emotional learning, and develop new physical activity programs for their peers.

“This is such a fun partnership for us! Big Peach Running Co. is a locally-owned fixture in many communities across the state and it means so much to have them in this mix on an effort to benefit girls’ health,” said Jennifer L. Owens, President, HealthMPowers.

Big Peach Running Co. has been a leader in the Atlanta active community for nearly twenty years. The retailer, with nine store locations across Metro-Atlanta, is also a frequent local race organizer and sponsor. As a community partner with GEM, the company will support the program through donations, special promotions, and in-store displays that drive customer engagement with the program. Utilizing industry knowledge and resources, Big Peach Running Co. will provide girls with educational and inspiring content, contest giveaways, and incentive items throughout the program year.

“Since 2004, it has been our mission to encourage more individuals to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle through running, walking, or any other activity including cycling,” said Dave Martinez, Director of Marketing, Big Peach Running Co. “What better way to do this than at a young age where you can make a larger and impressionable impact.”

“We are thrilled to support the Girls Empowering Movement program as an extension of what we do in our retail locations. With several women as part of our leadership team, we have an opportunity to inspire these young girls to be future leaders in our community. We look forward to working with GEM and the incredible work they’re doing,” said Martinez.

HealthMPowers, together with statewide partner organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs of Georgia, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia and The University of West Georgia are working together to create a sustainable GEM program model that can be expanded to other states in the future.

You can help to support GEM by shopping Big Peach Running Co. on 9/28/22, National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Customers will receive a 10% discount on in-store and online purchases and 5% of sales will be donated to the Program. Use promo code: GEM10.

For more information about the Girls Empowering Movement (GEM) program, visit


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