Out of School Time – Power Up for 30

Georgia Shape and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services’ (DFCS) Afterschool Care Program collaborated with DPH to bring Power Up for 30 to the afterschool setting. 

Based on the Power Up for 30 elementary school training, HealthMPowers created a Power Up for 30 – Out of School Time statewide training series with the goal of ensuring every youth has the opportunity to be physically active for 30 minutes in the afterschool setting.  Between 2015 and 2017, 49 afterschool providers and over 200 staff members were trained to improve their programs by increasing PA opportunities and access to healthy foods, reaching over 50,000 youth. Power Up for 30 – Out of School Time gives youth development professionals across Georgia, the tools and resources that support quality improvement based on the NAA HEPA standards, and empowers them to help youth develop lifelong healthy habits.

2017-2018 Reach

Youth: 50,000

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