Out of School Time – Power Up for 30 Trainings

Training 1: Afterschool providers learned about Georgia Shape, Power Up for 30, the importance of physical activity, and strategies to get all youth active.

Training 2: Afterschool providers focused on increasing physical activity in youth by incorporating non-competitive games, adapting physical activities for kids of various abilities and ensuring that behavior management strategies keep all youth in the game. The training also focused on increasing access to healthy snacks and beverages in afterschool programs.


Power Up for 30 Out of School Time sites created action plans to implement National AfterSchool Association Healthy Eating and Physical Activity best practices including:

  • Increase PA to at least 20% of total program time
  • Integrate PA into academic and enrichment time
  • Increase opportunities for non-competitive PA
  • Increase opportunities for fun, life-long PA (run/walk/dance)
  • Reduce screen time
  • Implement behavior management strategies so that PA opportunities are not taken away from students
  • Incorporate PA into transition time
  • Adapt PA to include children of all levels of athletic ability and those with physical, sensory and intellectual disability
  • Incorporate science and evidence based nutrition education and activities into program
  • Serve water and eliminate sugar sweetened beverages
  • Serve snacks that meet the USDA Smart Snack Guidelines
Georgia Shape