Power Up for 30

2018 - 2019
43 SITES, 38,526 YOUTH, 2,654 STAFF

Getting kids up and moving on their own time is hard enough. And with no recess requirement in middle school, and limited access to P.E., today’s youth are less active and more likely to be overweight or unable to reach the “Healthy Fitness Zone” in key measures of physical health.

That’s why Power Up for 30 is such an important launchpad for increasing healthy activity throughout a child’s day. In this behavior changing program, educators are trained on finding creative ways to add 30 minutes or more of physical activity into the day for all students—before, during or after school.

Initially launched in elementary schools, Power Up for 30 is now available to middle and high schools as well as out of school time (OST) sites.


Improved Student Behavior

48% down arrow

decrease in discipline referrals in a standard education school

57% down arrow

decrease in disciplinary infractions in an alternative school

Improved Physical Activity (PA) Opportunities and Time

2x up arrow

increase in before – and after – school PA

5x up arrow

increase in out-of-class PA

6x up arrow

increase in classroom PA

Power Up for 30 starts with a one-day training that offers:

  • Highly interactive peer engagement
  • An evidence-based framework built on CDC guidelines*
  • Strategies for getting less-active kids, or those with physical differences, off the sidelines and into play
  • Incentives for teachers and games, videos and other resources for bringing physical activity into any school setting—halls, gyms, cafeterias and outdoor spaces

Power Up for 30 is a collaborative effort between HealthMPowers and Georgia Shape, the governor’s statewide initiative to fight childhood obesity and other children’s health issues in Georgia.


*Power Up for 30 is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program guidelines, or CSPAP.

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