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Training Services

Elementary and Secondary School Staff

PLU Approved Courses:

  • Integrating Physical Activity into the School Day to Support Health and Academic Success. This course is designed for participants interested in conducting an assessment to identify the strengths and areas for improvement regarding health programming and policies at their school. New, easy and creative ways to engage students in physical activity during the school day that promotes fitness and improves health and academic achievement will also be explored.
  • Utilizing the School Health Index to Improve School Health and Academic Success. This course is designed for participants who are seeking new and creative ways to improve school health and the link between health and academic achievement


  • Involved Families = Healthy Students (Healthy Students Succeed): This session identifies the critical role parents play in promoting academic achievement and the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors that can lead to healthier and more successful/productive lives.

  • Mission Nutrition: This session provides participants the information and skills needed to accurately read nutrition labels. The presentation also emphasizes the key messages of eating more fruits and vegetables and being active every day.

  • Empowering Healthy Choices: This session encourages participants to eat low fat, high fiber foods, drink water and exercise in a fun and engaging way!

  • Go, Slow and Whoa: This session introduces participants to the Go, Slow, Whoa system which helps determine which foods to eat- Go (can eat anytime), Slow (can eat sometimes) and Whoa (can eat sparingly).

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