Consultative Support

Support for new health initiatives – from program design to deployment

As children’s health advocates, we’re concerned with advancing academic research and activating it – through the design and deployment of programs that directly impact children’s health and well-being in all realms of life.

HealthMPowers is proud to partner with the leading experts in public health agencies, universities and private foundations in this shared mission.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Georgia Shape
  • Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
  • Society of Professional Health Educators
  • Nemours Children’s Health System
  • Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation

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In our collaborations with these partners, we’ve brought academic and practical expertise informed by our 20-year history to the task of developing new programs from conception to launch:

  • research study design and data collection
  • curriculum design – program toolkits and resource guides
  • master training design – the model for educating lead training staff 
  • deployment of new health initiatives – ground-level trainings with school, district, early care center and OST personnel across the state

In sweeping statewide initiatives like FitnessGram and Power Up for 30, HealthMPowers has trained educators in every school in Georgia.

Along the way, we’ve strengthened our capacity to build productive relationships – and physical networks – for launching critical ventures.

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