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With a little help from us – and SNAP-Ed – you can do even more to nurture the kids in your care. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the nation’s most important anti-hunger program. SNAP-Education (SNAP-ed) is the nutrition component of SNAP.

SNAP-Ed programs improve the likelihood that low-income families and youth will make healthy food choices and choose physically active lifestyles. As a qualified* Health Empowered school or site, you’re eligible for educational materials, training and teacher support, and onsite experiences brought directly to your students by our staff.

In this active partner-relationship, we help your school or site use evidence-based strategies to build a plan for improving the health and environment for your students, staff and community. You assess your current practices around nutrition and fitness goals best suited for your school or site, and we provide guidance and support in meeting and sustaining those goals.

As a Health Empowered school or site, you’ll receive these incentives over a multiyear span:

  • Direct services and technical support
  • Site-level trainings and action planning
  • Program resources – videos, day planners, games, activities
  • Multi-channel social marketing materials
  • Continuous feedback and progress reports

Our program works because we’ve spent 20 years working directly with educators to adapt the best child health practices and behavior-changing strategies to nearly every education and care setting.

Today Health Empowered schools, early care centers and out of school time (OST) sites are making positive changes to their practices, policies, social culture and physical environments that are putting their kids on the path to better health. Learn how you can, too

*A school or site must have a free or reduced lunched rate of 50 percent or greater.