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an early care and education or preschool aged girl smiling at her teacher

Unlocking the Power of Early Care and Education: Why it Matters

Early Care and Education (ECE) is the earliest stage of a child’s learning and development, taking place between birth and eight years old. Because a child’s brain is the most flexible and rapidly developing during the first five years of their life, ECE plays a critical role in building a strong foundation for children’s lifelong health, well-being, and success.

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Jim Lidstone

Meet Jim Lidstone, the Director of Live Healthy Baldwin in the Baldwin County community. He is a #HealthHero because he works to make tangible changes in his

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Jo Lynn Still

Meet Jo Lynn Still, a local gardener in Washington County. She is our #HealthHero because she is generously allowing us to use her advertising space to promote

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Mark Bowen

Meet Mark Bowen, a Farm Truck Manager in Savannah. He is a #HealthHero because he works to bring community members together and involve them in decision making

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Joe Sheppard

Meet Joe Sheppard the owner of Sheppard’s Food and Gas Mart at in Savannah. Joe is our #HealthHero because he offers healthy options for his customers at

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Woman loading healthy food into a car

Katy Tedford

Meet Katy Tedford, Family Engagement Specialist at Oglethorpe Elementary. She is a HealthMPowers #HealthHero because she knows the importance healthy snacks play in children’s lives. For field

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Coach Graham

Meet Coach Graham PE teacher at Tara Elementary. He is a HealthMPowers #HealthHero because he is a positive role model for the students and staff at his

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Allana Caslin

Meet Allana Caslin, the P.E. teacher at Hawthorne Elementary. She is our #HealthHero because of the way she goes above and beyond her duties. On top of

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Jamie Parker

Meet #HealthHero Jamie Parker, the upper grades PE Teacher at Eddie White Academy. Jamie knows the importance of implementing a healthy lifestyle at an early age. She

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