Jim Lidstone

Meet Jim Lidstone, the Director of Live Healthy Baldwin in the Baldwin County community. He is a #HealthHero because he works to make tangible changes in his community’s environment. Jim understands that physical health is bigger than just telling people to do more physical activity, he works to create opportunities for people to make healthy choices through […]

Jo Lynn Still

Meet Jo Lynn Still, a local gardener in Washington County. She is our #HealthHero because she is generously allowing us to use her advertising space to promote our healthy messaging campaigns. Through her generosity, her community is able to see messaging that encourages them to EAT more fruits and vegetables, DRINK more water and MOVE at least […]

Mark Bowen

Meet Mark Bowen, a Farm Truck Manager in Savannah. He is a #HealthHero because he works to bring community members together and involve them in decision making around food systems in their community. He wants to encourage those that already live healthy lifestyles to organize events for children, the elderly, institutions, and other people in the community […]

Katy Tedford

Woman loading healthy food into a car

Meet Katy Tedford, Family Engagement Specialist at Oglethorpe Elementary. She is a HealthMPowers #HealthHero because she knows the importance healthy snacks play in children’s lives. For field day this year she encouraged the administration and parents to serve nutritious snacks as opposed to candy like they have in the past. It was a big hit! Way to go, […]

Joe Sheppard

Meet Joe Sheppard the owner of Sheppard’s Food and Gas Mart at in Savannah. Joe is our #HealthHero because he offers healthy options for his customers at an affordable price. When asked why he advocates for his community’s wellness, he said, “We have to teach the parents the importance of healthy eating, particularly in West Savannah, where […]

Coach Graham

Meet Coach Graham PE teacher at Tara Elementary. He is a HealthMPowers #HealthHero because he is a positive role model for the students and staff at his school. He knows from personal experience what it is like to struggle in school and understands that physical activity can be a positive and supportive outlet. Coach believes the “gym […]

Allana Caslin

Meet Allana Caslin, the P.E. teacher at Hawthorne Elementary. She is our #HealthHero because of the way she goes above and beyond her duties. On top of teaching P.E., she also has an alter-ego “Ms. Be Well” that appears on her student’s morning announcements to feature new healthy fruits and vegetables and answer student’s questions from a […]

Jamie Parker

Meet #HealthHero Jamie Parker, the upper grades PE Teacher at Eddie White Academy. Jamie knows the importance of implementing a healthy lifestyle at an early age. She encourages her students to start working on healthy habits TODAY in hopes that they will follow them through the rest of their lives. When asked who inspired her to become […]

Tricia Wells

Meet Tricia Wells from Oliver Elementary. She is a member of her school’s HealthMPowers School Health Team and is a champion for student health. After her first year on the School Health Team, she says she has “caught the HealthMPowers bug” and has a lot of exciting ideas on how to integrate health in to […]

Kendrick Davis

Meet Kendrick Davis, the Nutrition Manager at Eddie White Academy. Kendrick is a HealthMPowers #HealthHero because he takes spreading the health and nutrition message beyond the cafeteria! Kendrick received a grant to fund the creation of a school garden because he believes that “kids should be able to experience different flavors and herbs”. He wants kids to […]