HealthMPowers’ Youth Advisory Board Secures First Dedicated Grant to Empower Youth Health Advocates  

Youth Advisory Board members sit on a panel in HealthMPowers office.

(NORCROSS, GA)— HealthMPowers today announced a step forward for its Youth Advisory Board (YAB) after securing a $35,000 grant from The Georgia Health Initiative. This generous grant supports the YAB’s engagement in the “Learners to Leaders” pilot program which aims to foster the next generation of health advocates dedicated to promoting health equity. 

“This grant is not just an investment in our Youth Advisory Board; it’s an investment in the leadership capacity of Georgia’s youth,” said Jennifer L. Owens, President and CEO of HealthMPowers. “Our YAB members will receive specialized training and professional development, enabling them to become informed, effective advocates for themselves and their communities.” 

“I’m thrilled that HealthMPowers is a recipient of the 2023 Health Advocacy Grant for their transformative Youth Advisory Board Learners to Leaders advocacy pilot program,” said Kristy Klein Davis, Georgia Health Initiative.  “This initiative is pivotal and empowers Georgia’s youth to become change-makers in health advocacy while championing health equity. Together, we’re igniting a powerful movement where youth voice leads the charge in shaping healthier communities and a healthier Georgia.” 

The grant will specifically enable the YAB to receive specialized training in health advocacy, actively participate in broader health advocacy discussions, and create a blueprint for youth involvement in health policy discussions. Composed of diverse high school students from across Georgia, the Youth Advisory Board serves as a platform for these young leaders to develop their skills, network, and contribute to meaningful change in their communities.  

“Through this grant, our Youth Advisory Board members will create a lasting curriculum and approach, as well as become role models, engaging policymakers at various levels on policy, system and environmental changes to make our communities healthier,” said Owens. “The grant signifies a shared commitment to empowering youth voices and creating a lasting impact. As the YAB continues to evolve, this investment will contribute to their growth as advocates, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for communities across Georgia.” 


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