Engaging Students in Gardening: Stoneview Elementary School

Group of happy diverse children showing healthy food in a Child Care Learning Center

Stoneview Elementary is a partnering HealthMPowers school. One of their school objectives was to have all students participate in growing, cultivating and consuming healthy fruits and vegetables in the school’s community garden. When you walk into Stoneview there is a bulletin board displaying their recent harvests followed by a garden theme throughout the whole school. The school garden is run by fourth graders and includes a koi pond, compost station and planter boxes filled with fruits and vegetables. Students are growing and taste testing the foods they cultivate. The cabbage pictured was made into a slaw for a taste test lesson. First graders had the opportunity to handle fresh broccoli. Exposing students to whole foods while sending them consistent messages about how to be healthy may be the difference between getting kids to eat whole produce instead of throwing it away.