All Hands In: Joseph B. Whitehead

Joseph B. Whitehead, a Boys and Girls Club located in Fulton County, implemented wellness strategy at their club around their garden. Excitement for the garden grew as the garden thrived after the spring planting of kale, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers.

Youth and staff became more engaged in every gardening session, and the garden sparked curiosity when they started researching different types of salsas that could be created using produce from the garden. With teamwork, they created a “secret” Salsa-Salsa recipe for an annual Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta competition.

In September, the club was surprised by a visit from the SEC and Allstate community service program. Whitehead was selected because it’s located in a food desert, and the goal of revitalizing the garden is to increase fresh food access for the youth and families. Former SEC athletes and volunteers came together to build new garden beds, a rain-water collection system and a composter for the garden. The event was a huge success!