Stepping Up Employee Wellness to Impact Children’s Health

Lynette Tedford is a woman on a mission. As the owner of Angels in Motion Learning Center, she’s shifting the center’s environment to be more health-conscious by revamping menu choices, incorporating more physical activity into the day, and encouraging parents to do the same at home.

Now she’s focused on empowering her teachers to be wellness role models. Equipped with information shared at a HealthMPowers training, she started to introduce small but mighty changes. First up, a “Teachers Corner” in the staff breakroom that includes healthy foods and drinks—for free anytime they want.

She also encourages staff to participate in group physical activities. To further motivate the group, she created t-shirts with the motto: Teachers Are Student Body Builders! to wear during physical activity time.

Her hard work and dedication are paying off. Teachers are drinking more water and choosing items from the “Teachers Corner”.

Mission accomplished!